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The practice of integrity is mainly about balancing competing duties. For instance when loyalty to a friend, boss, colleague or political party, competes with the duty of truthfulness to the public.  Corporate employees and political officials often have difficulty identifying competing duties.  Without a method to identify and resolve them, people tend to default to the easiest or most self-interested outcome with devastating results.

Integrity is a skill that can be taught and practiced. It is not an innate talent that can be accessed intuitively and fulfilled willfully.  This startling reality is why integrity is so widely breached, yet no one considers himself deficient in integrity. Our private consulting will guide business and political leaders in the long-term practice of integrity.

We can train business and political leaders not simply to manage their codes of ethics, but to train their officials in the skill of complex decision-making, when there is no code telling you what to do.

Integrity Intensive Workshops for Business Leaders

IntegrityIntensive teaches managers and business professionals how to identify and balance competing duties when no written code of conduct is clear.  The practice of integrity in business is key to a successful company.  

Participants learn how to:

  • ‍Discern multiple and competing duties in ethical decision-making
  • ‍Identify the hidden ways “self-interest” creeps into the identification of duty
  • ‍Resolve conflicts among duties when there is no clear procedure or code of conduct to address the difficult situations
  • Develop effective strategies to communicate ethical decisions within the company.

Benefits of workshop:

  • Develop working definitions of integrity
  • ‍Promote awareness of the multiple and often competing duties confronting business leaders
  • ‍Demonstrate how to extract self-interest from duty and learn the principles of balancing competing duties
  • Learn how to overcome the natural reluctance to seek guidance and ask questions on ethical matters.


“The feedback from my colleagues in the business consulting community has been fantastic.  This method of practicing integrity relieves business leaders from the world of compliance and opens up possibilities of managing complex duties innovatively”
- Andrea Eisenberg, Partner Preferred Placement, New York.

Integrity Intensive Workshops for Public Officials

Leadership in the public service is not simply a matter of compliance with regulations, but rather, finding a way to balance complex duties. 

The practice of integrity is about choices between competing duties. That’s what we train you to do:  balance duties and understand ethical decisions. Workshop training processes scenarios, deceptively simple ones at first, then gradually increasing in complexity. 

Participants learn how to:

  • Make decisions between seemingly equal claims of right?
  • Honor loyalties to party, patrons and colleagues, and balance them with your fidelity to the public trust?
  • Balance personal pressures of friends and family with public obligations?
  • Perform your job with limited resources, public impatience and the second-guessing of colleague?

Benefits of the workshop:

  • Develop working definitions of integrity
  • Promote awareness of the multiple and often competing interests and duties confronting political leaders
  • Demonstrate how to extract self-interest from the analysis of such interests and duties
  • Learn the principles of balancing competing duties


“Stu presented a highly entertaining and illuminating presentation on the nature of public integrity… This was far more than a routine presentation on ethics regulations but rather a method to address tough conflicts. . . Many of the 300 attendees came up to me after the presentation to express how original, thought provoking, and most importantly, useful, they thought Mr. Brody’s presentation was”
 - Brent Gardner, Executive Director Utah Association of Counties
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